The power of OM!

Om symbol

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“Om is the creative vibration, the seed vibration. The whole existence is hidden within it, just as a giant tree is hidden within a seed.” ~ Banani Rayo

OM is called “the sound of the universe”. What does it mean?
Science says that whole Universe begun from the “big bang”. According to eastern believes, it was the OM sound which was first reason of creation. What is more, this sound is still going and it is an expression of pure consciousness. That is why Om chanting brings more peace and awareness to our planet.
Om chanting groups have meetings regularly, especially in the full moon, when the energy is intensified. This powerful mantra can heal humans minds and body and affects not only members of a group but also people kilometers far from the place of meeting.
Unbelievable? Try to participate if want to know if this works or not.
You can easily find groups and places of meetings by searching online, just put the expression “Om chanting” and your city.

Have you tried such a practice? Share your opinion!


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